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Magic Light Wand - Christmas Tree Remote Control

Magic Light Wand - Christmas Tree Remote Control

Magic Light Wand - Christmas Tree Remote Control

Looking for a new holiday tradition for your family? Then illuminate your Christmas tree and other festive decorative lighting around your home with a simple flick of the wrist and a bit of magic from this cool new Magic Light Wand. Forget trying to reach behind the Christmas tree to plug in the lights, just use this remote control wand that lights up, plays a magical sound, and powers up your lighting when you press the button on its handle. To use, just plug the receiver into an outlet, plug your lighting into the receiver, push the button on the wand with a bit of dramatic magical flair, and... Voila!... instant cheers and smiles from your kids. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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  • Turn on Christmas Lights with a Magical Touch
  • Wand lights up and generates a magical sound when activated
  • Perfect for Christmas Trees and Decorative Holiday Lights
  • No More Floor Buttons or Reaching Around the Tree
  • Magic Light Wand Remote Control and Receiver System
  • Plug the receiver into the wall. Plug the lights into the receiver. Push the button on the wand. Voila.
  • 65 Feet Range
  • Receiver with 1000 Watts Capacity
  • Make the Magic Light Wand part of your holiday tradition

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