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IT Pennywise Red Balloon Lamp

IT Pennywise Red Balloon Lamp

IT Pennywise Red Balloon Lamp

What better way is there to illuminate a kid's bedroom or guest room than with an ominous red floating balloon that not only casts a sinister red glow over everything, but may or may not also summon a demonic evil clown with it? This cool new Red Balloon Lamp is probably only going to terrify anyone who has seen the movie or read the book Stephen King's IT, but it'll just seem like a whimsical and quite innocent little balloon lamp to everyone else. It's designed to look as if a real red balloon is floating up from a nightstand with a long string that doubles as a base / power cord and the balloon knot acts as the power switch. Best of all, you'll float too when Pennywise the Dancing Clown appears! 🎈

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