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LED Light-Up Balloons

LED Light-Up Balloons

LED Light-Up Balloons

Why would anyone inflate boring, non-illuminating balloons when these cool new LED Light-Up Balloons now exist? While these may look like everyday ordinary party balloons, they actually light up and glow via a flashing LED for up to 14 hours. Just pull the tab to activate the LED light, inflate, and enjoy some glowing balloon fun. Perfect for birthdays, New Year's Eve, parties of all kinds, or just fill them up with helium and release at night to generate some entertaining unexplained UFO sightings.

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  • Party pack of 15 LED balloons in a variety of mixed colors
  • LED Light Up Balloons illuminate in the dark, making them ideal for outdoor or indoor events
  • Perfect for birthdays, new year celebrations, festivals, or evening UFO scares
  • Each balloon contains a flashing LED light
  • Pull the tab to ignite the LED light
  • LED will last for 12-14 hours and the balloons may stay inflated for several days

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