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NanoBlimp - World's Smallest R/C Blimp

NanoBlimp - World's Smallest R/C Blimp

Helium balloons would be much more entertaining if they could be flown around the room via remote control, which is why this cool new NanoBlimp now exists. This helium balloon/world's smallest R/C blimp can climb, dive, turn, and thrust forward using its 3 independantly controlled propellers, while piloting is handled by a precision wireless remote control with 4 user selectable frequencies, just in case you want to dogfight with up to 3 other R/C blimps at the same time. The kit includes everything you need (minus helium) to take flight around your home or office and thankfully includes 10 balloons to get you started, because curious cats will inevitably show up to pop these airships with extreme predjudice.


  • The World's Smallest R/C Blimp!
  • Fly with a helium filled party balloon
  • 3 independantly controlled propellers provide the thrust
  • Pilot your Nanoblimp with precision proportional control - climbs, turns and dives
  • Nano-X controller is fully proportional and has 4 User Selectable Frequencies
  • Experience the thrill of flying in your living room
  • 3-Channel Proportional Gondola, Two-Stick proportional Transmitter/charger, 10 Latex Balloons, magnetic Ballast weights, stickers, and Instructions
  • Includes everything you need... just add helium and 4 AAA Batteries

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