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Gigantic Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

Gigantic Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

Gigantic Remote Controlled Bald Eagle

Imagine how many people will point up at the sky or pull out their smartphones to snap some exciting wildlife photos and videos when this cool new Remote Controlled Bald Eagle majestically soars in overhead with its massive 9.5 foot wingspan. They'll be even more amazed to witness it stop and hover in-place in the wind or perform an aerobatic loop-de-loop too. Little do the thrilled humans below realize, this particular bald eagle is actually remote-controlled. It features a gimbal-mounted engine and propeller to replicate the movement of an eagle soaring, turning, and diving (plus loops!), a carbon fiber frame and wing struts with polyester wings, a 500' remote control transmitter, and a rechargeable battery with a satisfying 8 minute flight time from a quick 20 minute charge. It's perfect for bird loving hobbyists bored with the endless array of goofy quadcopter drones everywhere, pranking bird watchers and cats, causing real bald eagles to make super surprised double-take faces as it swoops by, or just dive-bombing communist party gatherings. 🦅

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