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Lumen Couture LED Face Changing Mask

Lumen Couture LED Face Changing Mask

Lumen Couture LED Face Changing Mask

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I never thought that I would need to wear so many masks in the 21st century, but here's one you can wear over your current mask(s) situation that can finally reveal your face once again to the world. This cool new Lumen Couture LED Face Changing Mask is a futuristic face mask comprised of over 2,000 LEDs that can display faces, custom images, preset animations, text, sound-reactive equalizer effects, and more all controlled via an app on your smartphone. It has an ergonomic design that straps easily on your face and has built-in eye sockets so you can actually see. Perfect for Halloween, parties, cosplay, making others feel uncomfortable in elevators, looking cool in a dystopian cyberpunk future, or just anytime you want to be noticed in a grocery store.


  • Designer: Chelsea Klukas
  • Fashion Meets Technology
  • Change your face with this unique LED mask
  • Innovative mask is controlled via app and includes presets, text, equalizer effects, and the ability to upload your own images
  • Variety of equalizer effects respond to sound and music
  • Mask has a sensor to support hand gesture movements to change your presets.
  • Contains over 2,000 individual LEDs with fast respond rate to support realistic effects
  • Contains eye sockets that allow the wearer to see while wearing the mask and ergonomic comfortable design
  • Controlled via Bluetooth app
  • Upload your own images
  • Several pre-set animations including skulls, lightning bolts, rainbows, and geometric visualization
  • Comfortable ergonomic design and eye sockets
  • Powered by AA batteries (included)
  • Lumen Couture is a female-founded startup based in Seattle

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