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Bat Wings

Bat Wings

Every kid whoever wished they could be a miniature Batman, fighting super criminals in the dark of night, almost has a shot when they slip on these cool new Bat Wings. While they're not designed to help one soar down through a gritty, crime-filled city after a tall leap, these fun, wearable vinyl bat wings will let an imaginative mind pretend to. They slip on easily over a kid's shoulders and wrists and are secured down via hook and loop fasteners. Cowl, deep voice, helpful butler, super late night bedtime, and cool weaponized gadgets not included.


  • Pair of wearable bat wings
  • Little one can spend their afternoons zipping through the night
  • Shoulder and wrist fabric hooks and loop fasteners to hold in place
  • 100% vinyl
  • Age range 3 and up
  • Size: 40" W x 20.5" D

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