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Brookstone Grill Tumbler - Roll Meat and Vegetables Across the Grill

Brookstone Grill Tumbler - Roll Meat and Vegetables Across the Grill

Grill up shish-kabobs with ease, minus the skewer, with this cool new Grill Tumblerfrom Brookstone. This innovative and fun grilling basket not only lets you easily roll around your meat and vegetables across the grill for even cooking, it also includes a handy marinating tray to dip the entire basket into and spin around for even coating before it even hits the barbecue. It features a non-stick coating to keep foods from sticking, silicone handles to allow easy turning, and enough surface area in the basket to ensure the perfect amount of char. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.


  • Easily rolls across your grill for more even cooking
  • Grilling basket evenly cooks your meats and veggies
  • Silicone handles keep the basket closed and allow for easy turning on the grill
  • Marinating tray ensures your food is flavored and tenderized to perfection
  • Non-stick coating keeps your food from getting stuck
  • Tray lid keeps odors contained while your food marinates in the fridge
  • Perfect amount of surface area delivers the right amount of char

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