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Ghostbusters - Inflatable Slimer Costume

Ghostbusters - Inflatable Slimer Costume

Ghostbusters - Inflatable Slimer Costume


Dr. Peter Venkman: He slimed me.Dr Ray Stantz: That's great! Actual physical contact. Can you move? If you want to be a ghost for Halloween, forget the sheet with holes, become a Class 5 full roaming vapor and a real nasty one at that, when you become a voraciously hungry disgusting blob with this cool new Ghostbusters - Inflatable Slimer Costume. This officially licensed inflatable Ghostbusters costume doesn't include any slimy ectoplasm or allow you to fly through walls while terrorizing the public, but it does include a lime green ghost bodysuit, a fan with a battery pack and a matching creepy character headpiece. If you can get your hands on some old school Hi-C Ecto-Cooler, even better.

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