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No Face Halloween Mirror Mask / Anonymous Disguise

No Face Halloween Mirror Mask / Anonymous Disguise

Want to ruin the endless photos everyone now seems obsessed with taking? Want to remain eerily anonymous in a crowd? Need to conceal your identity in a cool way for the greatest heist in history? Want to prevent yourself from taking involuntary selfies every 5 seconds like a lunatic? Just slip on this cool new No Face Halloween Mirror Mask / Anonymous Disguise.

This simple mask hides your face behind a one-way mirrored chrome surface, allowing you to see out, but others only to see their own reflections. Makes a creepy costume for a Halloween party, especially with a hooded black robe, or just wear it in your everyday life to protect any traces of privacy you may have left in the 21st century.

Warning: Don't look directly into another mirror while wearing this mask or you'll be transported into a dimension of total infinity, turn to stone, or maybe something worse.

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