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Eek The Cat - Animated Talking, Joking, and Singing Black Cat

Eek The Cat - Animated Talking, Joking, and Singing Black Cat

Eek The Cat - Animated Talking, Joking, and Singing Black Cat


This Halloween, mesmerize the trick-or-treaters, everyone at the Halloween party, and yourself when you watch in amazement at this cool new Eek The Cat from Mindscope Products comes to life. This double-take-inducing talking, joking, and singing black cat has a realistic animated face that is magically produced by an encapsulated short-throw projector located inside the head and built-in speakers to produce the voice. It has over 30 minutes of animated content to wow anyone passing by. It features original songs, 2 volume control buttons and 1 skip animation button, and a still mode to pause it. Pictures don't do it justice, so check out this VIDEO to see it in action. Cool huh?Also be sure to check out the equally cool Jabberin' Jack, an animated talking jack o' lantern pumpkin that uses the same technology.

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  • Eek The Cat is An Indoor / Outdoor Animated Talking Black Cat
  • Provides Over 30 MINUTES of Animations: Singing, Talking and Joking!
  • Built-in speaker and short throw projector
  • Encapsulated short-throw projector brings cat to life as a three-dimensional talking, singing, and joking personality.
  • Sings original songs
  • 2 volume control buttons + 1 Skip button to go skip animations
  • Still mode: pause animation
  • Indoor and Covered Outdoor
  • Powered by USB Cable

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