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Werewolf Faux Fur Shoulder Wrap

Werewolf Faux Fur Shoulder Wrap

Werewolf Faux Fur Shoulder Wrap

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While vicious, bloodthirsty werewolves may be a rare and endangered species, just one of them is far too many for any small town to handle. So, if you ever happen to come across one of these terrifying howling creatures as the fog rolls in one eerie full moon night, feel free to gun it down in a hail of silver bullets and wear it's furry hide like an elegant shawl / trophy. Hmm, I guess even though they are evil werewolves, killing one just so you can wear its fearsome furry pelt around your shoulders is not ok, especially since it might transform back into human skin and now you're dealing with manslaughter charges and lots of difficult questions. Forget real werewolf fur, it's too much of a hassle. What you need is faux werewolf fur, like this cool new Werewolf Faux Fur Wrap from Grandin Road. This fierce yet glamorous faux fur wrap may look like a real, satin-lined werewolf hide lovingly wrapped around your shoulders, but I assure you that the fur, the sinister-looking face with the eerie, emerald-green eyes, the clawed paws, and even the cute bushy tail are all fake and no werewolves were harmed.

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