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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica

Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica

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If you haven't seen the movie Talk to Me yet, then you should probably watch it before even thinking about shaking hands with this cool new Talk To Me Party Hand from A24 Films in collaboration with Craighill. This unnerving horror flick revolves around a mysterious severed and embalmed hand with writing all over it that partygoers use to get possessed for fun while everyone else watches and records videos on their phones. If you decide to play, gather your friends around, light a candle, hold hands with this creepy hand, say "Talk to Me" to conjure up a spirit, and then say "I let you in" to become possessed by that spirit. Then you can safely have some good old-fashioned possessed fun for up to 90 seconds before severing the connection by blowing out the candle. If you go past 90 seconds, the spirit might bind with you and decide to stay...

Anyways, it's basically a huge metaphor for drug use at parties all while being a pretty terrifying concept for a horror movie at the same time. It also has an awesome disembodied hand! 🖐🏻 Forget Ouija Boards, Bloody Mary, Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, and all that goofy seance nonsense, because now you can play Talk to Me at your next spooky soiree and possibly become "possessed" when you place your hand in this ceramic party hand prop replica. Staying in the spirit of the movie, this life-sized replica hand also has a built-in "incense burner" that may aid in your communication with the other side and it stands upright just like in the film via an embedded steel counterweight in the base. Also, possessed or not, yes everyone will be recording you doing this for social media, which is even scarier. Check out the trailer below if you have no idea what I'm talking about.🤝👻

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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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Talk To Me Party Hand Prop Replica
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