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Life-Size Tauntaun Bust - Wall-Mounted Trophy Head

Life-Size Tauntaun Bust - Wall-Mounted Trophy Head

Life-Size Tauntaun Bust - Wall-Mounted Trophy Head

"I thought they smelled bad... on the outside!" - Han Solo

I suppose if I had access to a powerful blaster and could time travel back to a galaxy far, far away, I would probably go Rancor Monster hunting on planet Tatooine, have that massive beast stuffed, and crammed proudly into my office. However, if I struck out on that, I guess a wall-mounted Tauntaun trophy head from the ice planet Hoth would be cool too. Hmm, I forgot that these are fictional space creatures and this intergalactic hunting trip isn't going to happen, so I'll just order this cool new Tauntaun Bust online from Regal Robot instead.

This huge, life-sized head of a Tauntaun is a highly detailed replica of the original prop used in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Each of these officially licensed Tauntaun busts are handmade here on Earth by professional FX artists in New York right down to the finest detail, minus the smell. It's available in either the two horned Han Solo version or the broken horned Luke Skywalker version and either can be upgraded to a deluxe version that adds faux Hoth snow and distressed reins. Best of all, it does not include poor Luke Skywalker stuffed inside!

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  • NUMBERED EDITION life-sized Tauntaun bust
  • Authentically crafted 1:1 recreation of the practical lifesize props used in the production of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Officially licensed, includes hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity and elegant numbered metal plaque
  • Each tauntaun bust is hand-produced by professional FX artists in New York and requires hours of fabrication and hair work
  • Every element is hand-painted, hand-assembled and crafted with the utmost care
  • Developed with hands-on examination of several original prop 1:1 tauntaun heads
  • Face for the bust was originally sculpted side-by-side with a production casting for proper scaling and proportions
  • Made from resin, fiberglass and rigid foam
  • Hand-stained translucent resin teeth and tongue
  • Giant-sized 3D sculpted eyes, for amazing depth and realism right down to the veins in the sclera
  • Two versions: Two horns (Han Solo's) or one horn with a broken tip (Luke Skywalker's)
  • Deluxe option includes hand-fabricated and distressed reins, along with realistic faux snow
  • Wall Mountable
  • Handmade in New York, USA
  • Size: 38" T

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