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Square-Shaped Apple Molds

Square-Shaped Apple Molds

Square-Shaped Apple Molds

Do you have an apple tree in the backyard or maybe even run an apple orchard? Then check out these cool new Square-Shaped Apple Molds. Just attach this heavy-duty polycarbonate fruit-shaping mold around a small apple, pear, orange, or similar-sized fruit growing on a tree, let it fully grow into the mold's shape, pick and it when it's ready like usual. These premium square-shaped fruits won't roll away, are easier to stack, and are sure to cause an excited double-take or two. If you sell apples, these square-shaped versions would also command a much higher premium price as well. They also make an equally cool Heart-Shaped Apple Mold too. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh? 🍎³

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