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Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

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Do you know why Mystery Boxes are cool? Because until you open one, everything inside could be absolutely incredible or not or both... it's a total mystery until the box is opened! It's like the same concept as the Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment that helps to explain quantum mechanics, where a cat in a box remains both alive and dead to the universe outside until the box is opened.

Rather than be complete mystery, to narrow it down slightly, there are nine themes of mystery boxes to choose from, so choose wisely. Unfortunately, there just might be a dead cat in one of them... or not, that's what makes it so fun. It's definitely the perfect gift for anyone that is hard to buy for or just for yourself if you like surprises, but to maximize the thrill of the mystery and possibly disrupt all of quantum theory, I suggest never opening it, because curiosity killed the cat.

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