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Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge

Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge

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If you have $20,000 to blow and some seriously spoiled kids, there's this cool new Log Cabin Tree Lodge. This luxurious playhouse seemingly transported from some magical fantasy land has a giant treehouse lodge resting upon a real hollowed-out 5'-diameter oak or eucalyptus tree trunk tree. To reach the treehouse, kids can climb up the ladder inside the trunk and go through a trap door where they can play and explore in the lodge's interior main room or on the outside deck that's attached to a corkscrew escape tunnel.

Although I would have loved something like this in the backyard as a kid, I'm glad I learned basic carpentry trying to fasten any scrap wood and nails I could find into the nearest tree's highest branches, even though I also learned about gravity the hard way multiple times as well.

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Squishy Bacteria and Virus Stress Balls
E Coli , Influenza, and MRSA have been massively scaled up from their tiny infectious selves into fun stress balls, yet these versions are completely inert and shaped just like the real thing from harmless and malleable colorful rubber. Grrr!
This unique 540 piece jigsaw puzzle depicting a colorful gradient of hues assembles into a three-dimensional sphere when completed.
Ball Claw : Sports Ball Holder
An innovative, yet simple solution for storing, displaying and preserving the life of basketballs, footballs, volleyballs or soccer balls.
Giant Playing Cards
This full deck of massive playing cards are 10x the size of the standard ones. This changes everything...
Manhattan Railway Christmas Tree Train Trestle Set
If you've always wanted a little train circling around the Christmas tree, then check out this cool new Manhattan Railway Christmas Tree Train Trestle Set from Hunter Railway Systems
Tie-Not - Water Balloon Filler And Tying Tool
Create fully armed and operational water balloons in just seconds!
Gigantic 6 Person Inflatable Swan
This massive inflatable swan float can comfortably hold up to six adults and features 2 built-in beverage coolers, 4 cup holders, front and rear mounting and dismounting docks, and a fun swim-through hole in the floor that can be covered and converted into a table.
Lifesize Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway Slot Car Track
Inside this luxurious lifesize Porsche 917 replica is a massive and highly detailed slot car track based on the iconic Le Mans raceway.
Illuminated Robotic Pool Fish
These robotic lion fish come in a set of two and realistically swim around a pool at night just below the water's surface while blue LEDs in the eyes and fins create ambient illumination.

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Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
This new and improved version can be worn around the neck like a scarf and then slid up around your head, ears, and eyes when it's time for a random snooze or moment of tranquil isolation from the busy world.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
Yep, a pool table shaped like a giant banana.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
Yep, actual cans of air from various cities around the world.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
Nothing makes a more unique decorative statement than a Jivaro Tsantsa AKA a shrunken head on full display... just hopefully not yours. Well, now you can have your very own head shrunken down or even anyone else's or that matter, minus the whole annoying death part, with this cool new and slightly disturbing Custom Shrunken Head.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
Here's an ominous piece of history that can be yours.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
This huge 3.5-foot tall full-scale practice / dummy munition is styled after a World War II bomb, handmade in the USA, and fully inert AKA non-explosive.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
This is a real handcuff, just one side, that can used to learn how to pick with a paperclip or hairpin or any similar small piece of metal and has a handy clear acrylic window that lets you see the inner mechanical workings of the lock as you practice.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
This Gigantic Inflatable Octopus Arm stands over 14 feet tall and satisfies the age old question of what couldn't you do with a massive inflatable octopus arm.
Luxury Log Cabin Tree Lodge
Want to own a small piece of the world's lightest and lowest density solid known as frozen smoke? Now you can!

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