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Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball

Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball

Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball

Transform a winter wonderland into a winter battlefield when you arm yourself with the cool new Arctic Force Snow Trac-Ball. This devastating snow slinger makes and launches snowballs up to 150 feet away - 50% farther than you can throw. Just use the built-in snowball press to make the perfect snowball and hurl it along the curved track just like the xistera used in the game Jai Alai. Pair this with the Snowball Blaster and you will not only have the advantage in a snowball fight, you'll conquer the entire neighborhood!



  • Launch snowballs up to 150 feet
  • Make and chuck the perfect snowball in seconds
  • Sling a snowball 50% farther than you can throw
  • Built-in snowball maker
  • Shaped like the xistera used in jai alai
  • Size: 17.75" L x 7.5" W x 4" D - 1 lb

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