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Roll Up Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Mat

Roll Up Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Mat

Roll Up Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Mat

I you love working on jigsaw puzzles and also enjoy having a clear dining or coffee table the rest of the time, then check out this cool new Becko Puzzle Roll Mat. Just roll out this high quality black felt mat when you want to work on a jigsaw puzzle and then use the inflatable tube like a rolling pin to roll it all up for storage afterwards... without moving a single piece. It features a black felt mat to help make colorful puzzles stand out and prevent visual fatigue, can hold up to 1,500 piece puzzles, has an anti-leaking inflatable rolling tube, a card slot for name tags, and includes 2 elastic bands to secure and stabilize the rolled up tube and a drawstring storage bag. A great way to take a puzzle in progress anywhere at anytime and makes an ideal way to store completed puzzles forever.

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  • Becko Roll-Up Jigsaw Puzzle Storage Felt Mat
  • Ensures your unfinished game is well preserved for the next time
  • Inflatable rolling tube
  • High quality black felt mat
  • Black color allows you to easily distinguish between colorful puzzles and helps to relieve visual fatigue
  • Anti-leaking slit allows it to last longer than other tubes in the market when inflated
  • Two elastic band are enclosed to tighten both ends of the rolled-up mat
  • Spread and flatten the mat when you want to start your puzzle game
  • If you want to save your unfinished game, just place the inflated tube at either end of the mat and carefully roll up the mat by applying even pressure
  • A drawstring storage bag is enclosed to store your rolled-up puzzle mat
  • Comes with a hanging rope for easy hanging on the wall
  • Card slot for name tags to distinguish from others
  • Size: 46" × 26"

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