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Skee-Ball Machine Home Arcade Game

Skee-Ball Machine Home Arcade Game

Skee-Ball Machine Home Arcade Game

Skee-Ball is super fun. It's like a combination of bowling and miniature golf, but all-in-one. Well, with this cool new Home Skee-Ball Machine, you'll never have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy that oddly satisfying sensation of rolling hefty solid balls down an inclined alley, up a steep ramp, and into various-sized scoring rings to try and get the high score. This commercial-quality Skee-Ball machine is just like the ones at arcades and bars, except it's been scaled down slightly to 80% to make it the perfect size for playing in your home. It features the same rubber ring scoring targets, a thicker cork ramp than the full-size for extra durability, 6 different game modes for up to 6 players, customizable underside LED lighting, and includes five solid balls. The only downside is that it doesn't dispense tickets when you score to exchange for cheap prizes, but you don't need to keep feeding the arcade token machine endless dollar bills either. Perfect for Skee-Ball lovers of all ages.

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  • Commercial-quality Skee-Ball machine specially scaled for home use
  • The same high-quality craftsmanship and throwback aesthetics that characterize commercial machines, but scaled down to 80% to make it perfect for home use
  • Rubber targets and 6 mm cork ramp - 1.5 mm thicker than commercial versions for extra durability
  • Six different game modes for up to six players
  • Customizable underside LED lights can be programmed to correspond to players
  • Engineered wood cabinet features thermo-infused laminate on engineered wood
  • Five solid balls
  • Volume control
  • Give your game room a massive upgrade
  • For indoor use
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 108" L x 24" W x 66" H - 273 lbs

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