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LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!

LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!

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If you're stressed out, anxiety ridden, or just plain bored, then seek out a harmonious balance with nature and discover an inner zen-like tranquility when you spend an afternoon assembling this cool new yet quite ancient Japanese horticulture-inspired LEGO Bonsai Tree. You don't need a green thumb or any delicate pruning skills to maintain this little bonsai tree, just the ability to relax while reading instructions on how to assemble its 878 pieces. When completed, your faux bonsai tree made from LEGO bricks will be sitting in a rectangular pot on a slatted stand that's perfect for displaying anywhere you wish - no light or watering required. It also includes both green leaves and pink blossom options that can be interchanged with ease. Just don't drop it or your newfound inner peace will be shattered.

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Miniature Tuscan Olive Tree
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LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
A safer and more portable alternative to expensive dunk tank rentals.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
An app-controlled, off-road vehicle with a turret-style rotating spy camera with night vision and two-way audio.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
Simply unfold the cardboard, insert your PSP and voila, it's a mini replica arcade system that also doubles as a display stand.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
Fridge magnet with a functional Newton's Cradle with tethered steel balls that clack away back and forth against each other to demonstrate the laws of conservation of mass and energy and also effectively relieve total boredom in the kitchen.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
This is an authentic Louisville Slugger bat that can be yours for the first time ever engraved with your name or with your name and your choice of a team logo.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
This innovative exercise bike combines virtual reality gaming with fitness cycling, because its no fun staring at a wall while you pedal away.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
Love trivia games? Wish they were way more exciting... and anxiety-inducing? Then gather friends around this game and pray you answer the questions correctly.
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
This cool new Fatboy CO9 is no ordinary bean bag chair, it's a massive bunny rabbit!
LEGO Bonsai Tree - 878 Pieces!
These wearable snow sleds strap to your legs and allow you to shred down a hill on your knees and then stand up, run back up the hill, and do it again without having to drag along a sled.

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