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Inflatable Miniature Golf Course

Inflatable Miniature Golf Course

Inflatable Miniature Golf Course

This summer, instantly transform your boring backyard into a thrilling 5 hole miniature golf course complete with a variety of fun obstacles with this cool new Inflatable Mini Golf Course. This portable miniature golf course inflates in minutes using it's built-in blower, has ramps, curves, hills, a pinball pass, and even a windmill to challenge players putting skills, and includes 2 over-sized putters and 2 golf balls. Hmm, now all you need is a backyard driving range, a batting cage, and a go-cart track!

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  • Inflatable mini-golf course that sets up outdoors and challenges players with a variety of obstacles
  • Five-hole course lets players navigate shots over ramps, around curves, through a pinball pass, and under a windmill
  • Course inflates in less than two minutes with the included blower motor
  • Made of polyester fabric
  • Secures with ground stakes (10 included)
  • Includes: 2 oversized putters and 2 golf balls
  • Size: 17' 9" W x 14' D x 4' H

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