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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket

Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket

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This cool new yet quite rustic Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket is a unique way to store keeper crops like onions, potatoes, garlic, winter squash, and more. Inspired by a traditional bamboo steamer basket, this enlarged five-ring version is constructed from thick, unfinished bamboo to prevent dramatic shifts in temperature and features a slatted floor to improve air circulation. One basket with a matching lid can be placed on the kitchen counter or create a root vegetable storage tower by stacking up to 3 additional baskets. An optional rolling base can also be added to give the tower some mobility around the kitchen or down in a cool, dark cellar. I bet this would be great for drying fresh herbs from the garden as well. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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Stackable Bamboo Root Vegetable Storage Basket
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