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Woven Stair Basket

Woven Stair Basket

Woven Stair Basket

If you have stairs in your home, then you know that they tend to collect things at the base that need to be put away upstairs, but create a safety hazard and a mess until this happens. The solution is this cool new Woven Stair Basket. This unique-shaped woven wicker basket is designed to sit securely on two steps on your staircase to collect items like toys, clothes, books, mail, magazines, blankets, supplies, shoes, and an endless assortment of other little things throughout the day that eventually need to make a trip upstairs... all at once. This handy clutter-reducing basket is hand-woven from natural wicker fibers around a strong and sturdy metal frame, has convenient built-in handles on each side for easy carrying up and down the stairs, and can also be filled with seasonal decorations for festive holiday staircase displays.

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  • Wicker Woven Stair Basket for Staircases
  • Stair Basket provides a convenient place to gather toys, shoes, clothing, blankets, supplies, and other items for trips upstairs or down
  • Basket sits at the base of your stairs, so you can add household items that need to go upstairs
  • Carry household items in bulk instead of taking multiple trips
  • Built-in handles on each side of the basket make the basket easy to carry up and down the stairs
  • Fill with seasonal decorations for holiday staircase displays
  • Each basket is woven by hand insuring you get a uniquely crafted stair accent
  • Natural wicker fibers are woven around a strong and sturdy metal frame
  • Basket helps reduce clutter on your stairs making them safer and easy to walk up and down.
  • Sits securely on two steps
  • Size: 16" L x 9.5" W x 15.6" H

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