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Antique Leather Balls Coat Rack

Antique Leather Balls Coat Rack

Antique Leather Balls Coat Rack

Need a spot to hang up a jacket or clothes? Well, forget hangers, forget hooks, and think... balls!? This cool new Antique Leather Balls Coat Rack from designer Donata Paruccini is made up of four miniature antique leather medicine balls that hang from the wall on a rope and hold either coats and clothing like a rack or just be left alone as decorative wall art. Obviously, this would be an ideal coat rack for a gym, but it's equally unique in your home as well.

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  • Designed By Donata Paruccini
  • 4 antique leather balls hanging from rope
  • Hang your clothes or coats on this sporty rack
  • Great wall accessory for kids' rooms, masculine decor, and home workout rooms

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