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Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome

Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome

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Keep cakes, pastries, breads, cookies, fruits, and more extra fresh for longer with this cool new Skywin Vacuum Bread Box. This air-tight food storage container automatically vacuum seals in the freshness once you place the clear dome over the food and press the button. It's perfect for helping to keep foods fresh for up to five days long on your kitchen countertop, enhancing marination, or just use it to safely transport your fresh baked goods to parties and events. It features 7 inches of height clearance, an easy to carry handle in either bamboo or marble, and is battery-powered for cord free vacuum sealing. Hmm, I bet you could store marshmallows in there too and watch them expand as the air gets sucked out.

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Just place this innovative double-sided hand juicer over a glass and as you twist and squeeze the fruit, the juice is channeled down through a built in funnel that also filters out any seeds and large pulp!
Double-Sided Vegetable Peeler for Carrots, Asparagus, and Cucumbers
This vegetable peeler has dual stainless steel peeling blades to help you make quick work of carrots, asparagus, cucumbers, and other long, narrow vegetables.
Five Finger Fillet Steak Knife Set
This macabre conversation starter for the kitchen is the ultimate knife block and set of knives for the serious knife game loving chef.
Holiday Gift Box Kitchen Appliance Covers
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A terra cotta roaster with a lid shaped like a whimsical whole head of garlic.
Microplane Cut-Resistant Kitchen Gloves
This seamless, cut-resistant wire-free knit glove has an incredibly fine steel core to your hands when you work closely with sharp kitchen tools like knives, cheese graters, mandolins and more.
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In the space of a single large tin, this set of three smaller green lacquer tins each stack one on top of the other!
Automatic Watermelon Cube Slicer
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Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
This giant bank holds up to 5,000 coins and has a built-in coin counter lid with an LCD display to keep a running tally of your accrued savings.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
This recreation of a vintage beer crate holds up to 30 bottles of beer and is crafted with wood and metal with a German beer brand logo stamped on the side.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
Like an abacus, slide toilet paper rolls onto the steel rod path to add to the count or subtract an empty roll off as a new one is slid up smoothly into place.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
This modern industrial wine rack has a unique leaning ladder design with 5 showcase shelves on top and 9 mango wood shelves below with carved bottle grooves.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
A rustic wine rack that is hand-carved by artisans in India from a solid piece of exotic mango hardwood and can hold up to 12 bottles of your finest wines in its curvy notches.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
This fun little fruit and vegetable keeper is shaped like a bell jar complete with a pedestal and transparent dome that lets you keep an eye on your leftover halves while they stay fresh in the fridge.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
Love wine and cigars? Then store them at the perfect temperature and humidity levels with this cool new Aficionado's Cigar Humidor And Wine Refrigerator.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
This evergreen-shaped log holder is constructed from black wrought iron, topped with a cast iron bird finial, and can hold a generous supply of firewood.
Air-Tight Vacuum Seal Food Storage Dome
Hand-carved by artisans in India from a single piece of sustainable mango hardwood that can either hold up to 6 bottles of wine in its curvy notches or double as a decorative functional sculpture when empty.

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