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Star Wars Lightsaber Illuminated Ice Pops

Star Wars Lightsaber Illuminated Ice Pops

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You don't need to be a youngling to enjoy these cool new Star Wars Lightsaber Illuminated Ice Pops, but you may want to brush up on your Jedi and Sith lightsaber wielding skills. These ice pops from a galaxy far, far away are not as clumsy or as random as traditional wooden stick-based ice pops, but are an elegant frozen treat for a more civilized age. Just fill up the tray with your favorite cantina beverage, freeze, attach the 2 Luke Skywalker and 2 Darth Vader lightsaber hilts, fire up the LED bulbs hidden inside to illuminate the ice and enjoy. The perfect popsicles to enjoy during a sweltering trip to Tattooine, after dinner with Darth Vader or just at Rebel victory parties

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