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ScoopTHAT! - Thermo-Ring Heated Ice Cream Scoop

ScoopTHAT! - Thermo-Ring Heated Ice Cream Scoop

Need a better tool to battle with impossible to scoop frozen ice cream? Then check out this cool new ScoopTHAT! II. This futuristic ice cream scooper uses innovative thermo-ring heated scooping edges that are quickly warmed via heat transfer from the handle - no electricity, batteries, or hot water required. Just hold it to warm it up and scoop up perfect round scoops of tasty ice cream for your bowl, cone, root beer float, or apple pie.


  • World's first thermo-ring heated scooping edges serves impeccably round scoops
  • Biodegradable liquid transfers heat from the handle to the scoop head
  • Rugged aluminum and polypropylene construction
  • Hard anodized interior keeps the ice cream from melting
  • Dissipates cold on contact
  • No batteries, electricity, or hot water required
  • Nonstick surface - Ice cream just falls out of the scoop
  • Fish bone fins in see-through handle is a functional work of art
  • Thermo liquid is biodegradable

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