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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood

AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood

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This cool new AirHood is a rechargeable portable kitchen range hood for your stovetop, hot pot, hot plate, electric griddle, and more. Rather than installing a duct system and range hood for your stove, this handy portable version can remove smoke, fumes, grease, and odors from the air with ease just by placing it on the countertop next to where you're cooking. It features a replaceable activated charcoal filter to neutralize cooking odors, a removable, dishwasher safe stainless steel mesh oil filter, three fan speeds of powerful suction, and can be run on low for up to 480 minutes before needing a recharge via USB. It's not only great for cooking in the kitchen, it's also great for dorm rooms, office break rooms, food trucks, dining tables, classrooms, hotel rooms, catering, and much more.

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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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AirHood - Portable Kitchen Range Hood
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