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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter

FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter

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Worried about breathing potentially harmful air around you? This cool new FitAir is an innovative medical grade True H13 HEPA air filter that is not only small and highly portable, it can also be worn via an included armband. This handy air purifier is designed to effectively eliminate 97.8% of all air pollutants like allergens (pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites), bacteria, viruses, smoke, microbes, pollution, and more, forms a 25 square foot protective shield around you, and cleans indoor air up to 3X per hour. Wear it or place it nearby when cleaning, flying on an airline, visiting a hotel, driving, camping, surviving through the cold and flu season at the office, sitting next to a smoker, placing on a stroller, and much more. Perfect for allergy / asthma sufferers, travelers, young children, seniors, urban dwellers, or anyone who just wants a little peace-of-mind enjoying the air that they breathe.

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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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FitAir - Wearable / Portable HEPA Filter
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