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Looming Strawman - Scary Lifesize Animatronic Lunging Scarecrow

Looming Strawman - Scary Lifesize Animatronic Lunging Scarecrow

Looming Strawman - Scary Lifesize Animatronic Lunging Scarecrow

If you're creeped out by a regular stuffed scarecrow out in the cornfield, then you'll die of pure fright when this cool new Looming Strawman reaches for you. This lifesize six foot tall animatronic scarecrow actually lunges out at his victims when it detects a nearby presence and also says one of four creepy sayings, has eerie light up eyes, and a moving mouth while it talks. A sure fire way to scare the trick-or-treaters coming to your door this Halloween or just to prank your friends and family by leaving in a closet for them to find. Probably works well on crows too. Check out the video below to see this thing in action. Did you jump?

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  • This Looming Strawman puts the scare in scarecrow
  • You better watch your back when you travel through the cornfields at night
  • This lunging scarecrow is out for blood, and when he sees something he wants, he has to have it.
  • Forward lunging motion with arm movement
  • IR sensor activated
  • Light-up eyes
  • Step pad compatible (sold separately)
  • Try me button compatible (sold separately)
  • Compatible with multi-prop remote activator (sold separately)
  • Adapter type: 5.9V 2.0A (included)
  • Volume control
  • External speaker jack
  • Saying 1: I hear these parts are haunted. That don't scare ya none? Worried that someone is going to grab you? (Arms shoot forward) HAHAHA! Lucky for
  • you I’m the only thing haunted around here. You best be going now.
  • Saying 2: You think you can sneak through my neck of the woods without dealing with me? Gotcha! (Arms shoot forward) HAHAHA. You run fast when you
  • have to!
  • Saying 3: Things are getting very quiet around here. That’s always the time when something jumps out at you! (Arms shoot forward) HAHAHA! I almost had
  • one that time. They’d better watch out! I’m getting faster!
  • Saying 4: With just one touch, I've turned my harvest into a rotten heap. Perhaps I can make the same of you! (Arms shoot forward) Ah, looks like you’ll stay
  • fresh for a little bit longer. Enjoy the night! HAHAHA!
  • Cord length: 6 feet
  • Material: Metal, plastic, fabric, electronics
  • Recommended to use in covered areas
  • Size: 72" H x 18" W x 28" D - 15.2 pounds

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