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Giant Animated Man-Eating Venus Flytrap Plant

Giant Animated Man-Eating Venus Flytrap Plant

Giant Animated Man-Eating Venus Flytrap Plant

If you're a plant-loving green thumb who enjoys spending days in the garden and talking to your houseplants inside, then be warned... there's a dark side to nature! Sure there's always been harmless little Venus fly traps around, irritating poison ivy, or even getting your finger nipped at by a playful Audrey II plant, but there are actual voracious man-eating carnivore plants lurking out there just waiting to feast... on you and your green thumb. Good news, now you can have a Giant Man-Eating Plant of your very own to care for this Halloween. They actually grow best in the Fall or anywhere where it's dark, creepy, and filled with tasty people.

This monstrous 6 foot tall man-eating Venus flytrap is actually an animatronic talking nightmare that features long leafy arms, realistic plant greenery, a giant menacing head with glowing eyes and huge chomping jaws, and it all comes to life and begins to sway around, move its head and body, and taunt any victim that wanders in too close. It makes a nice addition to greenhouses, flower shops, or just plant it on your covered front porch, because it only loves blood and screaming, not the rain. Check out the video below to see this crazy thing in action.

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  • Create your very own shop of horrors in your living room with this 6 foot tall animated Venus flytrap plant
  • 6-ft. animated Venus flytrap elicits bloodcurdling screams
  • The moving head and body seemingly follow guests as they walk by, setting a terrifying scene
  • Head and body move back and forth to startle partygoers
  • Glowing LED eyes stare into the darkness for a spine-tingling effect
  • IR motion sensor detects movement to startle all those who dare come close
  • Adapter provides a constant source of power

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