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Kulvase - Life Extending Flower Vase

Kulvase - Life Extending Flower Vase

Kulvase - Life Extending Flower Vase

Tired of cutting fresh flowers only to watch them wilt and die in only a few days inside a typical vase? Then check out this cool new Kulvase. This innovative ceramic vase is designed to naturally extend the life of fresh cut roses and other blooming flowers for up to 3 weeks without chemicals, water changes, stem cutting, or rearranging. Using a thermal conductor teamed with a solid-state cooling pedestal, this unique vase is able to keep the water inside at a consistent cool temperature to prevent algae from forming and causing flowers to wilt and die. The vase is large enough to hold a dozen long-stem roses or a large floral arrangement.

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  • Developed by a florist and an engineer
  • The only vase that effortlessly extends the life of fresh cut flowers
  • Keeping the vase’s water at a consistently cool temperature naturally prevents algae from forming that can prematurely cause flowers to wilt
  • Ceramic vase contains a thermal conductor that teams with a solid-state cooling pedestal to draw heat from the water and dissipate it into the air
  • Roses will remain vibrant-looking for up to 3 weeks without adding chemicals or repeatedly changing water, cutting stems, and rearranging or replacing
  • Silent, fan-cooled ceramic pedestal plugs into AC
  • Uses as little energy as a 20-watt CFL bulb
  • Holds a dozen long-stem roses or a large flower arrangement
  • Vase Size: 10" H x 5.5" Diameter
  • Overall Size: 12.25" H x 5.75" W x 5.75" D - 5.25 lbs

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