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Svoura - Spinning Top Vase

Svoura - Spinning Top Vase

Svoura - Spinning Top Vase

While I doubt that flowers would enjoy spinning around and around and around, you could do it to them in this cool new Svoura - Spinning Top Vase from Mousarris Studio. This playful flower vase is shaped like a giant spinning top that doubles as a unique decorative sculpture that harkens back to simpler times. Yeah, sorry flower bouquet, you're going for an old-fashioned spin!

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  • A modern take on the classic vase with a subtle yet refreshing vintage twist that is guaranteed to transform your living space
  • Drawing inspiration from the popular spinning top toys of days gone, Svoura is an ode to simpler times
  • A playful yet functional home accessory that will elevate your space
  • A functional vase that will set in motion a unique elegance to any room
  • Made using 3D printed technology
  • Materials: Resin
  • Size: 10.23" D x 13" H

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