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Batman Shakespeare Bust Life-Size Replica

Batman Shakespeare Bust Life-Size Replica

Batman Shakespeare Bust Life-Size Replica

On the old 1960s Batman tv show, on the desk in Bruce Wayne's private study in stately Wayne manor sat a William Shakespeare Bust. This was no ordinary bust, it held a secret switch under its hinged head, that when pushed revealed the Batpoles behind a fake bookcase that led Batman and Robin down to the Batcave. Well, now you can have your very own Batman Shakespeare Bust Life-Size Replica that really works!

Just imagine all the great possibilities of having a real working Batman Shakespeare Bust in your home, office or den. It's basically an exact replica of the one from the show, the head tilts back, the switch is intact and it can turn things on and off. You could even hook it up directly to the doors of your own secret hidden cave of justice or villainy! Sweet!

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  • Roto-cast Resin
  • Bronze Metalized Finish
  • Sculpted In Exact Detail
  • Perfectly Weighted
  • Featured In WIRED Magazine's Top 100 Gifts 2005!
  • Prop in the made for TV movie "Return to the Batcave"

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