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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate

Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate

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As a kid, they teach you not to eat the modeling clay, but now there's a much tastier and, well, certainly more healthier alternative. Magic Choc is flexible, squishable, and shapeable chocolate that you can use like modeling clay, but is actually edible too. This magically pliable confection is made with 100% Belgian chocolate using a patent-protected method that lets the chocolate set while remaining flexible and non-messy. It comes with 60g of milk chocolate, 40g of white chocolate, 20g of dark chocolate and anti-bacterial wipes to wash your hands with before playing around with your food. I think I would sculpt a chocolate bar out of this.

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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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Magic Choc - Flexible, Modeling Chocolate
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