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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy

Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy

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If your sweet-tooth also loves tasty chicken and waffles on the the side, then unwrap a few pieces of this cool new Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy from Taffy Town. This huge 5 pound sack of salt water taffy is crazily flavored like chicken and waffles and contains 400 - 500 pieces, all of which are made in the USA. Now where are the rest of the strange dinner / breakfast combo flavors like steak and eggs taffy or pancakes and sausage taffy?

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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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Chicken and Waffles Salt Water Taffy
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