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Edible Chocolate Box of Chocolates

Edible Chocolate Box of Chocolates

Edible Chocolate Box of Chocolates

When you need to gift a box of chocolates, go above and beyond with this cool new Edible Chocolate Box from Chocolatier Charles Siegel. This decadent handcrafted gift box not only contains 18 gourmet fleur de sel caramels, it's also a fully edible chocolate treat as well. The box itself is handmade from a over a pound of pure bittersweet chocolate and the equally lid is molded from white chocolate with a floral motif on top made from an all-natural cocoa butter transfer. Makes a great gift for any sweet tooth, chocolate lover, or those looking to reduce packaging waste.

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  • Designer: Chocolatier Charles Siegel
  • Takes over a pound of pure chocolate to create a handcrafted and, yes, edible box to hold 18 of his signature fleur de sel caramels
  • Rich bittersweet chocolate blend poured into a custom mold forms the base
  • Molded white chocolate makes the delectable lid
  • All-natural cocoa butter transfer adds a beautiful floral motif to the top
  • Contains 18 fleur de sel caramels
  • When looking for an unforgettable chocolate gift, don't think outside the box
  • The package looks as good as it tastes
  • Handmade in San Francisco, California USA
  • Size: 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 2" H

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