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Chocolate-Covered Scorpion

Chocolate-Covered Scorpion

Chocolate-Covered Scorpion

There's farm to table and then there's desert to dessert with this cool new HotLix Chocolate-Covered Scorpion. Yep, the ever battle ready scorpion with its menacing front pincers, armored exo-skeleton, and deadly striking stinger tail has gone from terrifying insect predator to a tasty human treat. Despite its intimidating appearance, this scorpion is safe and fully edible, hand-dipped in chocolate, and packaged in a lovely box that's perfect for gifting to any adventurous foodie with a sweet tooth. It's also great for dares, social media challenges, or just becoming the legendary house in the neighborhood that handed out chocolate-covered scorpions to the little trick-or-treaters on Halloween one year. 🦂🍫😋

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