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FluidStance Plane - Standing Desk Balance Board / Motion Platform

FluidStance Plane - Standing Desk Balance Board / Motion Platform

FluidStance Plane - Standing Desk Balance Board / Motion Platform

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Staring at endless screens all day is bad enough, but sitting down in place all day at the same time is even worse. This is why many stuck at a desk all day prefer a standing desk that allows them to rise or sit, but actual body motion is needed as well. The solution is this cool new FluidStance Plane.

This innovative balance board is a motion platform for standing desk users or anyone stuck standing around for long periods of time and is designed to engage the stander in a range of natural movement while allowing them to continue focusing on a particular task. Not only does it help improve balance and leg muscles, it also allows 360° of motion for twisting moves to help strengthen the core as well.

So wherever you're stuck standing, from the office, to the kitchen, or to the living room, this convenient little balancing platform deck will help you get in a little extra fitness, elevate your heart rate, and keep your body moving. Great solution and it's even designed and built in the USA from recycled materials as well.


  • Bring motion to any standing desk, conference room, common area, kitchen, living room, and more
  • Designed to give you a little bit of fitness by adding movement and balance to your day
  • Engage in natural movement while remaining focused on the task at hand
  • 360° motion allows for twisting moves that activate your core and keep you moving
  • Encourages you to connect with your body and improve your balance by engaging your leg muscles
  • Increases heart rate by 15%
  • Allows for an average range of motion of 23.98 degrees
  • Maintains limits of motion to levels that are comparable to walking
  • Clean and stylish design means the Plane can live anywhere, whether a work environment or your family room
  • Compact and easy-to-use, easily stored out of the way
  • Over 90% is composed of post-industrial recycled materials, such as recycled plastic and tires
  • Base: Made from #2 recycled plastic, one of the strongest high-molecular HDPEs (high density polyethylene)
  • Top Deck: Made of nearly 100% recycled 3/16" low-emitting rubber for comfort and durability
  • Center Weight: Formaldehyde-free MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), made from recycled sawdust
  • Designed and built in California, USA, is composed of recycled materials, and is recyclable

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