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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk

Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk

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The body simply isn't meant to sit still in one place all day in some weird "ergonomic" position - it's meant to move. The cool new Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk is the first office workstation to combine an electric height-adjustable sit or stand desk with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to help keep you active, energized and more productive in the workplace.

The unique semi-recumbent elliptical machine chair of this innovative workstation is designed to be pedaled slowly during the day so that you won't break a sweat or your concentration. At the end of a typical work week, users actually end up burning approximately 4,000 extra calories in addition to the benefits of actively moving. When you tire of pedaling or sitting in a chair next to the elliptical, just raise the desk up to a comfortable standing position at the push of a button.

At $8000 it's a pricey solution, but when you consider that you spend 20-30k just to drive back and forth from the office versus how much time you uncomfortably spend behind a desk each day, the alarming new healthcare risks associated just from sitting there, and the loss of productivity from fatigue - it actually sounds like a reasonable investment for both you and your employer.

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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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Elliptical Machine Adjustable-Height Desk
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