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Treadwall - Endless Climbing Wall / Vertical Treadmill

Treadwall - Endless Climbing Wall / Vertical Treadmill

You'll never reach the peak when you climb the cool new Treadwall by the Brewer's Ledge. This innovative endless climbing wall is designed like a vertical treadmill letting you climb it forever without worrying about plummeting to your death.

Just set the angle and position the hand- and foot-holds on the panels to your desired level of difficulty and start your infinite ascent. As you climb, your weight revolves the individual panels down and around like a treadmill letting you set your own pace or stop to take a rest. Like any modern fitness equipment it has a handy LED display that shows time elapsed, distance climbed, and total calories burned.

It may not be as scenic as rock climbing out in the great outdoors, but it is a cool and convenient way to get a great full body cardio workout right in your very own home without needing 29,029 foot ceilings (fun Mount Everest height fact).

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