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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag

OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag

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Want to practice your punches and kicks on a heavy bag without making a house-shaking racket or having to go all the way to the gym? Wish you could hit the bag while enjoying the great outdoors at the same time? Want to slug a tree instead of hugging it? Then check out this cool new OranguBag from Orangu Sport. This is the world's first portable punching bag that quickly straps to a tree trunk or strong pillar with ease so you can train anytime, anywhere you wish.

The bag's outer cover is made from tough synthetic leather that can take a real pounding and each padded section is filled with high-density foam to help cushion your fists and feet from the blows. It also gives some protective padding to the poor tree that probably doesn't like to be punched and kicked all day... or the exhausted squirrel living in it either. Anyways, the lightweight punching bag also includes a convenient backpack carrying bag for easy transport to the backyard, beach, campsite, vacation destination, job site, or wherever you want to take it. It's perfect for boxing, mixed martial arts, general fitness, keeping a full-size heavyweight bag looking brand new forever, or just taking it out into the woods to punch, kick, and try to pound a now well-padded tree into a literal pulp to relieve some serious pent-up stress and anger.

Check out the video below to see it in action way out in a forest and also the infamous scene from the movie Kickboxer where Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks a palm tree in half using only his shins. 🫣

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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
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