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YoYo Mat - Self-Rolling, Stay Flat Yoga Mat

YoYo Mat - Self-Rolling, Stay Flat Yoga Mat

YoYo Mat - Self-Rolling, Stay Flat Yoga Mat

Tired of messing around with annoying yoga / fitness mats that don't stay flat and keep messily unrolling while transporting and storing them. This cool new YoYo Self-Rolling Mat is an innovative yoga mat that quickly unrolls with a single toss, stays completely flat with no curling edges, and then, after your session, rolls itself up into a tight roll for easy transport and compact storage - no straps or carrying bag needed. It's kind of like a giant version of a slap bracelet. It features integrated steel bands that help keep it flat and assist the roll up function, a custom-designed slip resistant surface pattern, closed cell construction that seals the mat from moisture, bacteria, and odor, and is made from an eco-alternative material that is non-toxic, recyclable, PVC-free, chloride-free, and latex-free. Check out this

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