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Yoga By Numbers - Yoga Learning Mat

Yoga By Numbers - Yoga Learning Mat

Yoga By Numbers - Yoga Learning Mat

With this cool new Yoga By Numbers - Yoga Learning Mat one can practice the art of yoga at home, in the office, or even on the go without ever needing to attend a pricey class. This innovative rubber yoga mat is imprinted with numbered targets and gridlines to help you achieve proper positioning and alignment with your hands and feet and includes access to a free app that teaches the various yoga poses using an easy to follow numbering system. Basically, it's like the classic game Twister, except it's for yoga and other people won't be toppling over on you disturbing your inner peace.

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  • Natural rubber yoga mat is printed with numbers that help you get precise placement of your hands and feet
  • Includes access to an app that offers free and premium yoga classes taught using the number system
  • Sessions range from 20 to 40 minutes
  • Enjoy professional training in your home, office, or hotel room
  • Open cell natural foam rubber sheets
  • Perfect for learning correct positioning and alignment
  • Grown-up version of that classic, body-twisting children's game
  • Made in Moosup, Connecticut
  • Size: 72" L x 30" W x 0.5" H

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