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SpaCapsule - Dry Water Jet Massager And Sensory Soother

SpaCapsule - Dry Water Jet Massager And Sensory Soother

SpaCapsule - Dry Water Jet Massager And Sensory Soother

If you feel really stressed, sore or just have an over-abundance of disposable income, you should check out the ultimate in relaxation experiences, the SpaCapsule - Dry Water Jet Massager And Sensory Soother.

The SpaCapsule is a futuristic self-contained, full body water jet massage, aromatherapy and audio and video entertainment capsule all rolled into one. Once inside and the canopy lowers, 28 water jet nozzles deliver precise, invigorating streams of water that replicate the principles of shiatsu. Don't worry about getting wet, because a pliable polymer sheet provides a waterproof barrier between you and the nozzles. As you enjoy the deep invigorating massage, you can enjoy listening to your favorite music with the included Bose headphones or watch movies on the integrated 7" LCD screen with DVD player. While your tactile, auditory and optical senses are being soothed, your olfactory senses are enhanced with the pleasing scents of essential oils released from the integrated aromatherapy diffuser.

Although a luxury water jet massage capsule isn't even close to being a common item in most average households, for the select few, it should definitely be on your wish list. It would also make a great income-earning addition to tanning salons, malls, airports, offices and anywhere else people want to pamper themselves and completely relax.

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