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Thanko Pollen Blocker 2 - Allergy Filtering Protective Face Mask

Thanko Pollen Blocker 2 - Allergy Filtering Protective Face Mask

If you suffer from spring allergies caused by pollen like hay fever, then skip the meds and just go all the way and block the pollen from entering your sytem entirely when you slip this cool new Thanko Pollen Blocker 2 from Japan over your head. It's not quite a hazmat suit or living in a plastic bubble, but it is a protective whole face mask that filters out allergy causing pollen particles and features an ultra-wide visor that won't block your vision, a powerful yet noiseless built-in cooling fan, and an adjustable neck opening. Perfect for defeating Mother Nature indoors or out and is sure to make you a leading fashion influencer for the allergy suffering crowd.


  • Thanko Pollen Blocker 2
  • Hay fever allergy protective wear
  • Get rid of your spring allergies once and for all!
  • Keeps away those particles that make your eyes red and your breathing difficult
  • Equipped with a very effective, interchangeable filter and a powerful fan
  • Protects and covers your whole face without blocking your view, thanks to its ultra-wide visor
  • Power supply: USB port
  • 3 filters (1 installed)
  • Rubber cord adjustable neck opening
  • Suitable for indoors as it is for outdoors
  • Size: 9" x 16.1" x 20"

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