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Soothing Bathtub Neck and Shoulder Waterfall

Soothing Bathtub Neck and Shoulder Waterfall

Soothing Bathtub Neck and Shoulder Waterfall

While a full blown hot tub or even a whirlpool jet tub would be This cool new Bath Shoulder Water Sprinkler from Thanko Japan is a unique waterfall device for the bath which pours soothing warm water over your neck and shoulders to release pent up tension and help you relax. Just pour a warm bath, slide in, and place the pillow-like sprinkler behind your head and the pump down in the water. Now try not to fall asleep as the warm water flows over you. It's not quite a full blown hot tub or a whirlpool jet tub, but it's definitely much more affordable and reaches a spot those normally cannot. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Bath Shoulder Water Sprinkler
  • Pouring hot water on your shoulders is an amazing (and easy) way to relax
  • This simple device gives you the same effect in your bathtub without actually having to do anything
  • Almost makes you feel like you are actually sitting in a hot spring, releasing all the day's tension and fatigue!
  • Two parts: the sprinkler itself, which is like a hard pillow you attach to the bathtub with suction cups, and the pump, which goes in the water
  • Just lay in the tub, fire it up, and the pump takes the water and through the sprinkler pours it over your shoulders
  • Water volume: approx. 5.4 L per minute (183 fl oz per minute)
  • Materials: ABS, PVC
  • Waterproof certification: switch IP65, pump P67
  • Exchangeable filter
  • Instructions: Japanese

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