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Official Tito's Hand Sanitizer

Official Tito's Hand Sanitizer

Official Tito's Hand Sanitizer

During this current 2020 pandemic and probably all future ones going forward, hand sanitizer has been almost impossible to find in stores. Unfortunately, people online have been wrongly instructing others how to make their own homemade sanitizers using vodka, except at only 40% alcohol, vodka does meet the minimum requirements set by the CDC for hand sanitizers to contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective. It's also a waste of good vodka. So Tito's Handmade Vodka out of Austin, Texas has decided to step up during this viral crisis and use their distillery to produce their own line of actual hand sanitizer that meets and exceeds the alcohol content needed (80%) to kill most viruses, bacteria, and other germs on the hands with their cool new Tito's Hand Cleanser. Obviously, this is meant for the hands and not for drinking, but I guess it should still be rubbed all over them responsibly too. Available soon!

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