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Massive 12.5 Ft Wide Demonic Winged Predator of the Night Statue

Massive 12.5 Ft Wide Demonic Winged Predator of the Night Statue

Massive 12.5 Ft Wide Demonic Winged Predator of the Night Statue

Is your front yard missing that little decorative something, something? Then terrify your entire neighborhood this Halloween or whenever with this cool new Predator of the Night Statue from Home Depot. This gigantic 9 ft tall animatronic flying demon from an infernal underworld has an equally massive 12.5 ft wide wingspan, adjustable arms to strike a sinister pose, and durable outdoor construction. When unsuspecting prey are detected by its built-in motion sensor, this towering winged nightmare comes to life with spooky red glowing eyes, intimidating illuminated wings, and a servo motor-controlled head that realistically looks around while its animated fanged mouth growls and snarls. If you have some extra room indoors, this would also look very cool standing right behind your bed at night or your desk at the office, but that's just obvious. Check out the video below to see it unleashed.

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  • 9-ft. LED animated predator of the night inflatable adds beastly fright to your Halloween scene
  • Towering predator of the night measures 9 ft tall and delivers an intimidating presence
  • Motion sensor triggers the mouth and head of the monster to move while eerily growling
  • Glowing LEDs illuminate the eyes and wings with a red spooky glow
  • Realistic wings with a red glow span 12.5-ft. wide
  • Posable arms
  • This animated beast is designed for outdoor locations
  • Size: 108" H x 152" W x 84.6" D

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